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The Wedding Budget

Weddings are undoubtedly expensive but you don't have to spend a fortune to have a beautiful day.

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The question of how you are going to pay for your wedding is something that needs to be answered before you make any decisions because there really is no point in falling love with a designer dress or a particular venue if they are way out of price range.

Sit down with your fiancé and work out how much you've got, what you think you can save during your engagement and what, if anything, you think your parents may be able to contribute. Then have an honest chat with your parents to see if they can actually afford to give you anything.

A loan can be a sensible option but only if properly researched with a financial advisor and you are sure you can afford the repayments. There's nothing romantic about starting married life in debt. Putting any of the wedding expenses on credit cards is a recipe for financial misery - don't go there!

Once you know the size of the wedding budget you can start to think about how the money will be divided up.

You can use a simple formula to work out approximately what you need to spend on each part of the wedding. This is based on the current national average wedding of around £20,000. If you want to spend more in a certain area, just rejig the percentages in another area.

The average wedding budget

Reception, including food and drink 40% £8,000
Venue/ceremony/musicians 15% £3,000
Outfits 10% £2,000
Flowers/entertainment/transport 10% £2,000
Photography/video 7% £1,250
Stationery 3% £750
Honeymoon 10% £2,000
Unexpected extras 5% £1,000
Total budget 100% £20,000

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