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Do you need a wedding organiser?

Organising a large celebration such as a wedding takes a lot of planning…

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Organising a large celebration such as a wedding takes a lot of planning and preparation, something that most couples have never tackled before. You'll be dealing with a wide variety of suppliers who expect a clear brief and wont take kindly to lots of debate and changes of mind along the way. You'll also be spending a large amount of your hard earned cash so you want to be sure that the money is being used to best effect. It's hardly surprisingly that for more and more couples a wedding organiser is a must-have part of their big day plans.

Think of a wedding planner a bit like a fairy godmother that you're paying to make you're your dreams come true. They will become your best friend as the plans progress and always at the end of a telephone to listen to your fantasies before gently steering you into the right direction for your budget. A wedding planner will shoulder the majority of the responsibilities making sure that your big day comes together on time and on budget just as you imagined.

What do they do?

A wedding planner can be involved from the very start, coming up with a shortlist of suitable suppliers and accompanying you to all meetings, leading the dialogue to make sure you're getting a good deal. They are experts in managing all the suppliers, from the venue to the caterers and the florist and often have great contacts, saving you money by guiding you in the right direction to suit your budget.

If you have a demanding job and want to enjoy your weekends rather than spending every waking moment meeting potential suppliers, a professional planner can be a life saver. They are also invaluable if your wedding is being held in a different town to where you live or even abroad, And they're absolutely essential if you're bursting with creative ideas but logistical realities elude you.

A professional will help tie up all the loose ends and make sure everything runs smoothly on the day - so you can relax and enjoy your wedding.

How much?

The cost of a wedding planner varies enormously but expect to pay either a set fee for a set number of tasks undertaken, or a percentage fee of budget if they are involved in the preparations and the wedding day. For a hands-on professional to be with you from the initial meetings through to the wedding day, allow around 10% of your total budget for their fee - but don't forget their contacts and expertise could well save you money as plans progress.

You may need a wedding planner if…

You don't necessarily have to commit to a wedding planner for the whole day. Some wedding organisers offer different levels of service from helping you source key suppliers to doing everything for you, including being there on the wedding day until the last guest leaves.

If you can't afford a professional or think you can tackle the tasks yourself but would like to clear on a few basics, there are several companies also offer wedding planning courses. These are run over one or two days and will give you the main pointers to think about as well as hints and tips on getting the best from everyone you employ.

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