Wedding save the date cards

Share the good news with your guests and send them one of these stylish invitations

Wedding save the date cards

There are pre-wedding invitations that sent out between 6-8 months before the wedding. Your guests will appreciate the heads up so that they can make plans around it, so share the good news with one of these unusual and stylish ideas from magnets to put on the fridge to DIY date stamps…

It's a date - Pink Blossom save the date card

Blossom, from £1.80,

It's a date - Amelia Collection save the date cards

Amelia Collection, £70 for 60,

It's a date - Pencil us in save-the-date

Pencil us in, £45 for 30, Peony Rose Stationery at 

It's a date - Colourful Chevron save the date

Colourful Chevron card, from £1.50 each,

It's a date - Kraft scratch and save the date cards

Kraft scratch card, £5.49 for 10,

It's a date - Save the date stamp

Save the date stamp, £29.50,

It's a date - Sweet posey save the date

Sweet posey card, £1,

It's a date - Save the date magnet

Magnet, £230 for 180,

It's a date - Wooden save the date magnets

Wooden magnets, £5.99 for 10,

It's a date - Save the date magnet card

Magnet card, £2.75, JG Artwork at