6 food trends for 2020

Catering companies share their top wedding food trends

Food trends for 2020 Rocket Food patisserie table

Wedding food trends

Catering for all your guests, and all their different dietary requirements, can become one of the most expensive and complicated parts of organising your big day. And if you’d rather not serve the traditional three-course wedding breakfast, we’ve spoken to catering experts, to get their insight on what’s in store for wedding food trends for 2020.

Interactive dining

‘Food in 2020 needs to be more than just delicious. A touch of interaction is key, such as roaming oyster shuckers and patisserie boutiques, giving guests some well-timed mingling following a sit-down main course.’  Rocket Food

Wow-factor styling

‘Our Colonial Prosecco Wall definitely creates the wow factor at any wedding and allows guests to help themselves to fizz throughout the day.’ Kalm Kitchen

Hemp-infused treats

‘Cannabis-infused foods are one of the hottest trends and CBD is the now-legal ingredient that’s taking the culinary world by storm. Our delicious, hemp mini eclair is a surprising twist that your guests will love!’ Maitre Choux

TopHat Catering mocktail
TopHat Catering mocktail

Maitre Choux hemp-infused eclair
Maitre Choux hemp-infused eclair

Kalm Kitchen Prosecco Wall
© Hayley Bray
Kalm Kitchen Prosecco Wall

Botanic mocktails

‘Going dry at a wedding is (almost) as exciting as sipping on bubbles. With game-changer JARR Kombucha and Seedlip, you no longer need to stick to orange juice for your teetotal guests and anyone who’s driving.’ TopHat Catering

Grazing tables

‘Our grazing tables combine food, floristry and tables scape styling. These bespoke displays are made up of locally sourced cheese, cured meats, antipasti, dips, breads, fruit, nuts and sweet treats. Not a beige canapé in sight! They bring people together and are a visual feast for the eyes as much as the palate.’ Grape & Fig

Wine with a story

‘Organic wine has risen hugely in popularity and is a good choice for weddings. A sweet red Tempranillo, just £6 per bottle, from a biodiversity reserve in Spain, is affordable and delicious. Couples are also choosing wines that tell a story, such as the wine they shared on their first date or something they drank on holiday together.’ Winebuyers