Eco-friendly beauty buys

Look after your skin – and the planet – with these no-nasties beauty buys from brands that put green credentials at the heart of their products

Eco-friendly beauty buys

Pure & Simple

All the raw ingredients in these eco-friendly beauty buys are plant-based, free from synthetic substances and preservatives and have been developed using innovative technologies. And they’re also vegan and halal. Special attention has been paid to packaging, too so it can be recycled, along with the glass and plastic bottles.

Exfoliant Gentle Scrub, £60; Massage Oil, £26; Nectar Cutis Serum, £115; Ananné at Fenwick

Rich & Nourishing

This brand only uses suppliers that respect the environment. Stem cells are harvested from rare plants and then reproduced without fertilisers or chemicals, leaving plant life in the seabeds and fields intact. The result is products with indulgent textures and fabulous fragrances.

Active Boost Face Oil, £75; Eye Believe Serum, £75; Idle eau de parfum, £90 for 30ml; Romilly Wilde

Fresh & Wild

We love these elegant, English-made products created by Lady Carole Bamford, rooted in simple pleasures and the purity of nature. Having established an organic farm, Carole always has her eye on sustainability. But Bamford is all about fragrances, bringing a moment of calm every time you use them.

Purifying Cleansing Mousse, £50; Purifying Mask, £60; Bamford

Aromatic Florals

Coming up with the idea for a natural haircare range back in the 60s, it’s fair to say Leonor Greyl was way ahead of the curve. Silicone, coal-tar, paraben and sodium laureth sulphate-free, these products are not tested on animals and are wonderfully fragrant. 

Bain Vitalisant B, £27.50; Mousse Au Lotus Volumatrice, £25.22; Masque Quintessence, £84; Leonor Greyl

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