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Modern bridal outfits to look fashion-forward on your wedding day

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We love these modern bridal outfits

You may have been on your wedding dress search for a while now, but this brand new 2021 collection from Cymbeline may just stop you in your tracks. From statement bridal trousers to short wedding dresses, your dream outfit could be right here. Cymbeline is perfect for modern brides who want to confidently strut down the aisle in a gorgeous style.

Cymbeline Perfecto

Cymbeline Misia

Cymbeline Mirys

Collection Paris 2021

Cymbeline and Paris go hand-in-hand. Endlessly chic and totally effortless. This bridal brand is all about stylish designs. The Collection Paris 2021 range features amazing fashion details like a cool bridal jacket and floaty wedding culottes.

Shot on the banks of the Seine, with the Eiffel Tower in view, this chic collection embodies Parisian style. When you think of fashionable places, Paris is of course the first to spring to mind so if want something to put a fashionable foot forward on your wedding day, look no further.

Cymbeline_Misia back

Cymbeline Marie

Cymbeline Malou

Cymbeline Madrid

Cymbeline Melody

Cymbeline Melba

Cymbeline Mathilde

About the brand

With secret Fontainebleau workshops, this Parisian brand is dedicated to creating ‘the silhouettes of tomorrow’ from the finest of materials. For more information about Cymbeline visit