Stunning wedding flowers by season

Your ultimate guide to choosing seasonal flowers for your wedding

Seasonal wedding flowers

Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing Seasonal Wedding Flowers

From the delicate pastel and blush toned blooms of spring to the rich red colour palette of a winter bridal bouquet, our guide to wedding flowers by season will show you the most popular seasonal wedding flowers and the ways which you can incorporate them into your big day.


Spring Flowers

Amaryllis: A large open flower in pure white to brightest red. Perfect for larger bouquets and centrepieces.

Anemone: Available in 120 different varieties. The brighter colours are great for trendy posies.

Daffodil: A bright yellow flower that is always popular for spring weddings.

Freesia: Small, highly scented flowers in bright colours. Ideal for headdresses and posies.

Gerbera: Large and dramatic daisy-like flowers that come in many bright colours.

Lily of the Valley: Tiny bell-shaped white flowers with a sweet fragrance. A classic wedding flower and ideal for small posies. Expensive.

Orchid: Exotic and pricey but available in a variety of pretty colours. Just a few long stems simply tied make a stunning modern bouquet.

Ranunculus: A buttercup-shaped flower popular for spring weddings. Available in a variety of colours.

Stephanotis: A traditional and popular small white wedding flower with a wonderful sweet scent.

Sweet Pea: A classic wedding favourite with delicate petals and a sweet, lingering fragrance.

Seasonal wedding flowers

Summer Flowers

Anthurium: Famous for its glossy, waxy-looking flowers. Popular for beach and tropical themes.

Carnation: The traditional choice for a buttonhole and available in lots of colours. Also works well en masse in pomanders for bridesmaids.

Chrysanthemum: A versatile flower ranging from daisy-like flowers to large pom-pom shapes.

Gypsophilia: Tiny white or pink flowers that form a cloud-like display. Best used in quantity.

Lily: There are about a hundred varieties in a huge range of colours. Particularly good for centrepieces.

Magnolia: Large, subtly scented flowers in a wide range of shapes and colours. Popular for reception decoration.

Peony: Large, fragrant flowers with petals in a bowl shape. A popular bouquet flower in shades of pink or white.

Rose: The most popular of all the wedding flowers and used for bouquets and decorations. Available in a huge variety of sizes, varieties and colours and many are scented.

Sunflower: A refreshing choice for a summer wedding. They can be pricey but are so big you don’t need many to make a visual impact.

Seasonal wedding flowers

Autumn Flowers

Agapanthus: Large, bell-shaped flowers in a striking shade of violet. They add a splash of colour to bouquets and centrepieces.

Aster: A small, daisy-like flower in a wide variety of colours, usually with a bright yellow centre. Pretty in bouquets.

Clematis: Perfect for trailing bouquets. Comes in a good selection of sizes and colours.

Daisy: An all-year-round favourite that always looks bright and cheerful. An ideal flower on which to theme your whole wedding.

Hosta: Popular foliage with heart-shaped leaves ranging in colour from soft to brilliant green.

Hydrangea: Large, full flowers in a variety of pretty pastel colours. Good for centrepieces and pedestal arrangements.

Passion flower: A large, exotic flower that can be used to add splashes of bright colour.

Pinks: Available in all shades of pink from very pale to almost red. Pretty round flowers that are ideal for bouquets.

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Winter Flowers

Camellia: Beautiful open-faced flowers ranging from a single row of petals to overlapping multi-rows.

Euphorbia: An evergreen shrub with yellowish flowers. Useful as an all-year-round addition to venue arrangements and more elaborate bouquets.

Iris: An unusual fan-shaped flower with three large petals. Usually lilac, purple or white and popular for centrepieces.

Nerine: Sprays of hot or pale pink trumpet-shaped flowers. Fairly exotic, so good for more unusual centrepieces.

Pansy: Small, flat faced flowers in a variety of colours and intensities. Can be kept in a pot to double up as a table decoration and pretty favour.

Snowdrop: A delicate white flower and one of the classic bridal blooms. Ideal in hand-tied posies and for smaller table decorations.

Tulip: A cheerful favourite available in a wide range of colours. The varieties with frilled edges are very popular for contemporary bouquets


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