Sweet Treats

Everyone may pretend they're not just waiting for the pudding but, they so are. Make it worth their wait, with a selection of tasty triumphs that will give them a sugar hit to see them through until bedtime

Edible flowers - Sweet Treats

No one does edible flowers better than the Blushing Cook, think biscuits, tiered wedding cakes and these dreamy mini sponges.

Almond Frangipan Tartlet - Sweet Treats

Whole baked Conference pear and almond frangipan tartlet anyone? Rocket takes wedding puds to a new level with this fruity treat.

Fashion-Inspired delights - Sweet Treats

Book The Berkeley and you could be serving guests delicious treats like this one, or fashion-inspired delights from its famous Prêt-à Portea menu.

Patisseries - Sweet Treats

Oreé brings a taste of the boulangeries and patisseries from France to London with freshly baked bread and patisseries that you can order online.

Chinese - Sweet Treats

We can’t help but be inspired by the gourmet artwork handcrafted by this small bakery based in China, using natural ingredients.

Macaroon - Sweet Treats

What’s not to love about a mini macaroon? Especially when it’s served in a rainbow of different colours. And a great idea for your wedding favours.

Coconut and Mango pots - Sweet Treats

These perfect little pots of coconut and mango are super refreshing and ideal for a summer do. The only problem is you could probably eat all six yourself! 

Hand-made biscuits - Sweet Treats

These beautiful biscuits are hand-made to order. We love this pretty sweetpea flower design, but they can also create biscuits to match your wedding flowers. 

mango and raspberry panacottas, elderflower jellies - Sweet Treats

Kalm Kitchen’s patisserie bar is guaranteed to wow your guests and that’s before they’ve tried the mango and raspberry panacottas, elderflower jellies, and more.