We talk to Apollo Event Consultants

Top wedding trends and it’s all about sustainability-conscious couples

We talk to Apollo Event Consultants

We get the top wedding trends for 2019 from Tim Hanbury, managing director of Apollo Event Consultants – and it’s all about sustainability-conscious couples

Less is More

When it comes to flowers, you don’t need to have as many as you might imagine. Really think about where you need flowers. At the church, all eyes should be on you, so keep it simple. Table flowers should look like they’ve been cut from the garden and mix it up with small trees to embellish a simple backdrop. Have fun with your flowers – if you’re marrying in the country, add hops and pheasant feathers to arrangements and buttonholes. Most importantly, whether you ask guests to take them home, give them to a local hospice or simply have them composted, always try to re-use your flowers.

Share the Love

On the food front, sharing platters and grazing tables are going to be big. Guests can help themselves and they provide a lovely way to get guests chatting. Additionally, they tend to only eat as much as they want which reduces wastage. Cut your cake budget by buying one from a local supermarket and have it styled with gorgeous fresh flowers, or opt for a savoury cheese cake instead. Use local produce as much as you can to support smaller businesses, and do check that your caterers are not using plastic unless absolutely necessary.

King of Marquees

If you’re going for a marquee at home, in beautiful estate grounds or attached to a venue, opt for a modern version of the king-pole marquee. With the possibility to create extra height, these create a look that is simply stunning from the outside in. And try to be sensitive to the environment when choosing your colour scheme as these work well with a natural palette. The fact that no linings are required keeps the cost down, too.

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