We talk to Caroline Castigliano

Caroline Castigliano shares her inspiration as she celebrates 30 years in the bridal industry

Castigliano Bridal

Renowned for her glamorous gowns, Caroline Castigliano has dressed many of the world’s most beautiful women so we talk to her as she celebrates 30 years in the bridal industry.

Favourite fabric?

Silk Zibeline is the ultimate in a structured silk. It looks like a wool gaberdine but has the most wonderful sheen. I love it for creating beautiful silhouettes.

Celebrity bride to dress?

Actress, Emma Stone. How do you relaxI work out and that definitely helps. I love travelling and learning about different cultures,plus I read, go to the theatre and listen to music.

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Dream holiday destination?

It’s about exploring for me so South America is on my bucket list and I’d love to go to Columbia and Aruba – and Bali too!

Ultimate view?

There are so many places I love it’s impossible to have just one, but I adore views looking down on ancient villages and sunsets.

Date night?

Annabel’s in London.

Soundtrack to your weekend?

All depends on my mood, but I do like love songs.

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Caroline Castigliano, London

What do you like to cook?

My husband is an amazing cook so I don’t get to do this often,but I love simple food like sea bass and steamed vegetables or Japanese food, especially sashimi.

Art to own?

The odd Rembrandt would be nice! 

Can’t live without?

My family. They ground me and my amazing Castigliano team that are just like a family – many of them have been with me for 20 years. For more information visit Carolinecastigliano.com