Why you should get Married in Scotland

Discover why Scotland is the best option for your dream day, during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond

From its sparsely populated, idyllic islands to its majestic historic castle locations, Scotland is home to some of the most amazing scenery in the UK. That, amongst other reasons, make it an ideal place to say ‘I do’. Here are the key reasons why you should consider getting married in Scotland.

married in scotland Dunnottar Castle Scotland
Dunnottar Castle Scotland

Scottish rules

Unlike in England, in Scotland you are allowed to get married anywhere you like (inside or outside) as long as there is an official celebrant present. In England, a place has to be sanctioned specifically for hosting legally binding weddings. Therefore, choosing your perfect location to say ‘I do’ in Scotland is actually easier.

Fairy Pools Scotland
Fairy Pools Scotland

Travel perks

Many weddings have been postponed, cancelled or changed dramatically due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and restricted travel has also had an impact on whether weddings can go ahead. If you’re planning to go ahead with your wedding this year or next, but don’t want the uncertainty of travel bans or potential quarantine, then Scotland could be a good choice. It is accessible by car to avoid public transport if required. 

Deans Village Scotland
Deans Village Scotland

Movie-star scenery

You just need to take one look at these mesmerising images to see why Scotland is an idyllic place to get married. The incredibly luscious landscape, rugged coastline and abundance of historic venues, make it truly remarkable. You won’t be short of a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos, that’s for sure.

It has an interesting wedding history

Gretna Green in Scotland is a hotspot for weddings and hosts around 5,000 marriages per year. The reason this location shot to wedding fame is because in the 18th-century there was a law which banned English couples under 21 from marrying without their parents’ permission, but in Scotland this was not the case. Therefore, this village, close to the English border, soon became a key destination for young couples in love.

Glen Coe Scotland
Glen Coe Scotland

Where to get married in Scotland?

The Covid-19 pandemic has made lots of changes to people’s wedding plans, however there are still many couples wanting to continue with their planned date and say ‘I do’ during the ‘new normal’. Lastminute-cottages.co.uk has published a list of top wedding locations to get married in 2020, during the pandemic and every single spot is in Scotland.

1. Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye 

2. Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven

3. The Kelpies, Falkirk

4. Outer Hebrides

5. Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh

6. Glen Coe, Highlands

7. Loch Ness, Highlands

8. Orkney Islands

9. Dean’s Village, Edinburgh 

10. Loch Lomand


Matt Fox, CEO and co-founder of LastMinute-Cottages.com, said, “We wanted to work with our travel experts to create a list of viable places that would make for a beautiful wedding location. Some people might not be surprised to see that every area identified is in Scotland, as its marriage laws are a lot more lenient than England and Wales.

Another factor that really swings in the country’s favour is how easy it is to travel to, the majority can simply drive there, cutting out the need to travel on public transport, which many are understandably reluctant to do right now.

There are some gorgeous locations on the list, which are not only free to get married at, but are also remote, private and very romantic. We hope the list helps any engaged couples affected at this time, motivated and inspired to continue with their wedding plans!”

Number 4 in this dream castles list is worth exploring if you’re considering a Scottish wedding.